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Save on Edit goes back to list

I have overriden the View button of a custom object to load a custom edit form directly instead of going throught the normal view->edit mode. In this form I created a controller extension where I have a mysave method, which the forms calls instead of save, in this method I want to call the basecontroller save and go back to the list.


I found out how to save, but I can't find how to go back to the list of items.


I already spent 3 hours on this and I am about to throw the !@###$@ computer thru the window, please help!


    public PageReference save(){
            Task fobjTask = new Task(Subject = 'Go back after save');
             insert fobjTask;
             PageReference fobjPr = new PageReference('/' + fobjTask.Id);
             return fobjPr;

Message Edited by china.leaf on 05-21-2009 04:11 AM
Sorry, but I am not trying to open a record form, I am trying to go back to its main list.
Message Edited by BrokenBird on 05-21-2009 07:07 AM

I am currently using the following:



public PageReference mysave() { baseController.save(); PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01r800000003iF1&ic=1'); return pageRef; }


This works, however will it work when deployed as a managed application to a customer?