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Need Help Auto-Populating Visualforce Form - Please Help!!

Background Info:


I have a custom object named "Rec".  I created a custom link for my "Rec" custom object.  When the custom link is clicked it will open up an input form (Visualforce Page) on another custom object called "Checklist". 



My Problem:


I cannot get data in fields on my "Rec" object to automatically populate fields in my "Checklist" form when I click my custom link.  More specifically, I need the information in the "deeds" field on my "Rec" object to automatically populate the "deeds" form
field on my "Checklist" object when I click my custom link.

I've tried both links below.  They will direct me to my Checklist form, but the "deed" field on my checklist form is blank and will not populate with the data from my "Rec" object.







The deed field on both objects are the same type (Number fields).  I've looked over documentation and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I know this should be really simple.

 Please help!!


SL TanSL Tan

Hi Angjayy

Please could you advise if you have been able to solve this problem? 

I am having the same problem unable to solve 

Best Regards