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Maildrop Help - Having trouble setting it up with Mac Mail

I'm trying to install Maildrop for a client using Mac Mail.  I've done this successfully with Entourage, but I cannot figure it out Mac Mail.

The big issue is that I cannot locate the plug in when in Mac Mail.

What am I missing?

Can some one send a screen shot, or a step-by-step.  PocketSoap website didn't have what i needed.

Thank you.

See the help for the steps to turn on the system wide scripts menu.
I will do that.

Also, is there a reason my client does not see the "s" icon in Mac Mail?

What S Icon ?
The one that sits to the right.  Where the "add to salesforce" and other options of maildrop reside.

Does this not appear with MacMail?

I see it when I work with people using Entourage.

Do you have a screenshot? i'm still not following what you mean, the only icon in maildrop is the funnel icon for the actual maildrop app itself.
I can't seem to send add the screen shot.

Can you reply with your email address?

I think you are talking about the Applescript menu. You likely need to create a
a scripts folder in the application support folder in your user library. SOmething like this path.
User/library/application support/mail/scripts.

You should read the instructions carefully from the developer or the scripts to see exactly where they should be installed. It could be in another directory. You may have to create the scripts folder in the correct directory.
The scripts are installed automatically when you first run Maildrop, you just need to follow the instructions in the Maildrop help on turning on the system wide scripts menu.

Start Maildrop -> Maildrop Help -> Enabling the scripts menu.
Does Mac Mail allow for email messages with attachments get copied to the SF account? "Attachment" is the operative word here as I cannot do this with Entourage and I would switch to Mac Mail if this option is available.

Many thanks in advance-