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Maildrop/Entourage sync with new home page URL

This morning I received instructions for a new URL to reach the SF home page, which I have activated in my browsers, etc. However, now the maildrop no longer works. What must I change and where, to get things working again? Many thanks in advance--
I'm having the same issue.
same issue...any work-arounds?
I am also in need of this. I love my Mac and maildrop makes it all possible to use SF.
Simon where are you? You normally respond within 15 hours to Mac issues. Is everything ok?
Hello to those needing MailDrop like I do...
I may have solved the issue for the time being....

The Security token must be reset...to do this...login to SF.com.

1) Click on "Setup"
2) Under personal setup... Click on "my personal information"
3) Click on "reset Security Token".
4) follow instructions on how to reset by doing so in the Maildrop Login window.

You should be in.

I discovered that this "token" (along with password) and will need to be saved in the Maildrop login to re-login. When asked to save to Keychain (for Maildrop)...say yes...then, logout of SF.com and then back into SF.com with your password. (you will notice a longer password... b/c it includes the token.) Re-input original password but, do not save to keychain. Should be good from then on. From what I can tell, you will need to login to SF.com each time so as not to erase the maildrop password with token.

Good Luck!
It did indeed work, thank you.
Of course this begs the question why you had to find the solution yourself, and why no one from within a company that prides itself on customer service and making technology our friend, has not answered the multiple posts on this issue, that have been up since Saturday!!! Frankly I am shocked, not to mentioned disappointed, by this attitude.

But I digress--

You say not to put the new token into the keychain...why is that? Does this mean that I have to type in this token every time I go into Maildrop from Entourage? That doesn't sound fun.

And since you seem to be so tech-savvy, allow me to ask another question: I am also having to reactivate my SF access --from my own computer-- every single day. I hear it has something to do with a dynamic IP address and we are waiting to hear about a work-around. But that may be like waiting for Godot, if this maildrop experience is any illustration. So in the past week I have gone from a fairly seamless SF login/Maildrop sync, to several time-consuming and pesky steps. I would appreciate if you, or any other reader, has any advice.

And thanks again for your hard work and diligence.


Sorry Brewn-
You did answer the question about typing in the password every time. Thanks again-
For API access (e.g. Maildrop, Trapdoor etc), the security token is required for logins from un-known locations, however the security token can also be used from known locations as well, i'd recommend storing your password + token combo in the password field on the keychain.

I'm suprised you need to re-activate your machine every day, as the activation state uses a cookie, you should only need to do it once per browser, unless you (or some plug-in/addin) is clearing your stored cookies.
Thanks for asking, I'm fine, I've been away on vacation.

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