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Incompatible viewstate version detected!

The last two days I have received the message "Incompatible viewstate version detected!" when attempting to access different custom VF pages. I have never encountered it before and it doesn't cause any exceptions that I can log and I cannot seem to duplicate it either.


Curious if anyone has seen the same message or knows what it is referring to.

This happens when you have attempted to post back (e.g. invoke an action method) to a server that has been upgraded/patched after you originally requested the page. We do not guarantee that you can post across patch or release versions because of potential compatability issues. Over the past 2 days we have had abnormally high patch activity required to correct a number of issues and I suspect that is why you encountered this.
Thanks Doug. I appreciate the quick response and explanation.

Is there any other reason a user would get this error?  If not, is there a way to check to see for sure that some patches were upgraded in this production org during the times these errors were received?  I have also had users say they are seeing this error in production and it is also not reproducible or consistent...  Is there any way we can trap this error in apex code to gracefully back out of something we were doing to defensively program against this error?