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Cases list view only displaying 20 Case limit

My Cases Homepage list is only displaying 20 Cases. Even though I have not stipulated a limit to display is there some default to how Visualforce displays lists?


Here is my page code:


<apex:form id="theForm"> <apex:pageBlock title="Cases Home"> <b>You are viewing {!$User.FirstName} {!$User.LastName}'s Open and Closed Trouble Tickets</b> </apex:pageBlock> </apex:form> <apex:form > <apex:pageBlock > <apex:pageBlockButtons location="top"> <apex:commandButton action="/apex/CustomerPortalNewCase" value="Create New Case" id="newCaseButton"/> </apex:pageBlockButtons> <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!cases}" var="c" id="c_table"> <apex:column headervalue="Case Number"> <apex:outputLink value="/{!c.Id}" target="_self">{!c.casenumber}</apex:outputLink> </apex:column> <apex:column headervalue="Subject"> <apex:outputLink value="/{!c.Id}" target="_self">{!c.subject}</apex:outputLink> </apex:column> <apex:column headervalue="Priority"> <apex:outputField value="{!c.priority}"/> </apex:column> <apex:column Value="{!c.status}" style="{!IF(c.Status='New', 'color:brown;font-weight: bold',IF(c.Status='In Progress', 'color:green;font-weight: bold',IF(c.Status='On Hold','color:red;font-weight: bold',IF(c.Status='Get Acceptance','color:blue;font-weight: bold',IF(c.Status='Closed','color:clack;font-weight: bold','color:grey')))))}"/> <apex:column headervalue="Created By"> <apex:outputField value="{!c.createdbyID}"/> </apex:column> </apex:pageBlockTable> </apex:pageBlock> <apex:pageBlock > <apex:pageBlockSection > <c:CaseQuickTipsGuideComponent /> <c:CaseAttachmentsInstructions /> </apex:pageBlockSection> </apex:pageBlock> </apex:form> </apex:page>




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I ended up just using the commandLink for Previous and Next.

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Yes there is a default.


It is more than you are interested in, but you can take a look at this



There appears to be a method called setPageSize(). Do it work or not, I don't know. I use my own pagination mechanism.

I ended up just using the commandLink for Previous and Next.
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Can you please share the code how you using commandLink to list previous and next. 

I have a list of  250 records. I want to use previous(<<) and next (>>) 


If you are using a standardController you can simply add this:

<apex:pageBlock> <apex:panelGrid columns="2" style="font-weight: bold;"> <apex:commandLink action="{!previous}" rendered="{!hasPrevious}"><font color="blue">Previous</font></apex:commandLink> <apex:commandLink action="{!next}" rendered="{!hasNext}"><font color="blue">Next</font></apex:commandLink> </apex:panelGrid> </apex:pageBlock>

 If you are using a customerController or an extension the pagination inside the VF page may not work and so you will need to add it to your controller or extension:



public with sharing class CaseListController { public ApexPages.StandardSetController setCon {get;set;} public Boolean hasNext {get; private set;} public Boolean hasPrevious {get; private set;} public CaseListController(ApexPages.StandardSetController setCon) { this.setCon = setCon; this.setCon = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator([select Id, CaseNumber, Subject, CreatedById, Priority, Status, Contact.Name, CreatedDate From Case Order By CreatedDate Desc LIMIT 10000])); this.setCon.setPageSize(25); setNextPrevious(); } public List<Case> getCases() { return (List<Case>) setCon.getRecords(); } public PageReference next() { if (hasNext) setCon.next(); setNextPrevious(); return null; } public PageReference previous() { if (hasPrevious) setCon.previous(); setNextPrevious(); return null; } private void setNextPrevious() { if (setCon.getHasNext()) { hasNext = true; } else { hasNext = false; } if (setCon.getHasPrevious()) { hasPrevious = true; } else { hasPrevious = false; } } }

 This also has the Sort by in descending order as normal sort by order is ascending. 




Thanks for the quick response.

I have multiple list in the controller that I am displaying. Do I have to have this code for each list?

Good question. Not sure about multiple lists. I think if you include the commandLink portion on your VF page where you have different lists and go with the one write up in your controller it should suffice.