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Google MAP API issue with "https://c.na6.visual.force.com" Vf domain


I was using google map javascript APIs with a SSL domain. "https://c.na6.visual.force.com". It was working fine, but today it is showing a "blank alert" and Google .API included URL is not loading. I have generated a new key for the same domain, but still facing the same issue.

Same code is working fine with  "https:// c.na5.visual.force.com" VF domain.
Can anyone have any idea , why this issue is coming.


Rajan Jasuja






There are many potential issues, perhaps you can put more debugging into your code to discover the exact response you're getting from this google. What I have noticed is that google put a limit on the number of API calls to it's mapping service per day. This is around 15000 calls, which is probably more than you're using, but the services counts all calls from the same IP address i.e. the service counts every call from every person using the same server IP. I suspect that on some servers (I've noticed this on NA1) many people are using the API and thus exceeding the daily limit. Of course this is mostly conjecture, and you'll need to do some debugging of your own.