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How to Find History Tracking or Audit Log

Hi Everybody,


I have a custom object. Through Create --> Object, I have checked the option of History Tracking for Object and some of the Fields. Then from the Layouts of the object I have add the History Tracking list to my custom object page also. Now that I have done that all as mentioned in the Help, I am surprised that where to find the tracking logs. Where the user should go to find tracked history to audit the changes on a particular record.


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What about creating the Object History Report?


- lvivanin

Thanks for your feedback. I have tried it through reports tab. It shows me the report of changes and just displays the current records only for my custom object ... but unfortunately it does not show me the changes e.g., I have a field 'Advertiser' (displayed as a text field) on my custom object. I create a record and put in some value say 'XYZ' in 'Advertiser', then after sometime I again open the very same record and change Advertiser from 'XYZ' to 'XYZ-1'. Now I want my history to display that which user made what change. Can I see changes in that way? But the History page block that is created in layouts when I add History list from Related Lists in page layouts of my custom object, is not displayed when I open the page. How I can I get it displayed on the same page where I add the History Related List? Thanks,Shakespeare

Edit Page Layout-->Custom object History Related Lists view -->Drag & Drop the custom object History on the page layout related history section  -->Save

To display the required field(s) on the custom object History Related Lists:

1. Select the name of the custom object.
2. Click Set History Tracking in the Custom Fields & Relationships section. This section allows you to set history tracking for both standard and custom fields on custom objects.

When you choose the fields you want to track, Salesforce begins tracking history from that date and time forward. Changes made before that date and time are not included in the history.

If you deselected the Track Field History checkbox, the Set History Tracking button does not display.
3. Choose the fields you want tracked in the History related list of the record detail page.
4. Click Save.


I think you can track the history this way.




I am facing exactly the same problem. I am unable to see the history on my visualforce page with custom controller and custom object. I have to open this page as a popup from Operations in Contract. Let me categorically mention what I have done and please point out if I have missed anything.

1- Created a custom object with some text fields.
2- Created a respective visualforce page with those fields displayed as multiline editor.
3- Created a respective custom controller with all events mentioned on it.

//Upto here everything works perfect. Now I came to history tracking.
4- To track the history I have done the following steps:
            i) Setup --> Create --> Objects --> located (searched) and clicked my custom object, custom object detail is displayed for in readonly    mode.
            ii) On my custom object in first page block 'Custom Object Definition Detail', clicked on edit button and checked the 'Track Field History' checkbox and saved.
            iii) I have got a button 'Set History Tracking' displayed on 'Custom Fields & Relationship' page block on custom object detail page.
            iv) I clicked on this button and checked some custom fields for history tracking and saved.
            v) Now I went to 'Page Layouts' page block on the same custom object detail page, and clicked on Edit link on the only displayed default page layout (made sure that this layout has linked to my profile of system admin).
            vi) From the page layout, clicked on the 'Related Lists' link and dragged and dropped on the page layout. Then saved.
            * I can see a page block 'xyzForm Hisotry' has been added in the page layout.

5- Now I come back to the Contract and click on the respective link. I am unable to see the History page block on the

popup window, despite of making changes.

This is exactly what I have done and by strictly following the online stuff. I believe this is what you are saying. But I am really stuck on this point as to why history is not being displayed on my new VisualForce page.


Thank for your help in anticipation.



Test custom controller:

 public class MyController {

      private final Master_Object__c customObject;

      public MyController() {
            customObject = [select Total_Money__c from Master_Object__c where id =

      public Master_Object__c getcustomObject() {
            return customObject;

      public PageReference save() {
            update customObject;
            return null;


Test VF page:


<apex:page controller="MyController" >
   <apex:form >
      <apex:pageBlock title="Congratulations {!$User.FirstName}">
         You belong to the customObject Name: <apex:inputField value="{!customObject.Total_Money__c}"/>
         <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="save"/>
      <apex:detail relatedList="true"/>

Hi Ivivanin,


First of all thanks for your suggestion. I have added <apex:detail/> with relatedList attribute as true but to of no use. I then exactly mimicked your code (made an object named 'customObject', a controller 'MyController' and all that you have given) and executed it. Unfortunatley I am still unable to see the history tracking on my custom page.


I really appriciate your help in this regard.






I am also stuck on the similar issue.


Anywork around?




By the way have u marked the test field(Total_Money__c ) as history tracking : Custom Fields & Relationships --> History Tracking?




Following is the sample history tracking result of the VF page - in my case:



Master Object History
Date                             User    Action
6/16/2009 11:18 AM    XY Z    Changed Total Money from $1.00 to $100.00.
6/16/2009 7:07 AM      XY Z    Changed Total Money from $100.00 to $1.00.
2/12/2009 10:57 AM    XY Z    Created.




Hi Ivivavan,


I have strictly followed all the steps as mentioned by Mr. Xee in his detailed post in his 'Message 5 of ...' above. I am unable to understand what have I missed?


- Checked history tracking on my custom object.
- Checked history tracking on individual fields.
- Dragged and Dropped customObject History on my page from custom page layouts.
- Verified the layout assignment to my user profile.


Thank you for your continual contribution on this thread.




U have the "Customize Application" User Permission?






I have System Adminstrator profile and this profile also inclues 'Customize Application' permission. I am also thininkg of these lines and I have checked that layout is assigned to System Admins in my SystemAdmin profile we have this page (customObject) in 'Enabled Visualforce Page Access' and my contoller is in 'Enabled Apex Class Access'.


It seems to me similar user specific issue or configurations or settings type of issue.


I am sure you will immediately drop a message if something new comes to your mind, apologies for mispelling your name :).





I am just near the solution of the issue, then definately I will discuss it in detail. But before that I have a question;


Is there any way that I can 'rerender' the history related list on my some button click and also pass it some param?