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I have created a visualforce page with contentType="application/vnd.ms-powerpoint".


I want to know how to provide a "slide-break" (not sure if that's the right term to be used) in order to specify the content in different number of slides.


Because right now, irrespective of the size of the visualforce page, the entire page content falls into just a single slide.


I would appreciate any help on this issue.






Hi, I have the same issue. I think nobody has the answer because there is no respond to this post yet...




I tried the PDF method, as well as various elements (did not try any that seemed useless, but most of them), all with the same result. Only one slide was created, ever. I do not see any documentation for this, but it appears that PowerPoint is not an offically supported type at this time (only HTML and PDF seem to be fully supported). I guess we'll have to wait for a release that includes this feature.

Hi Suri,

I am even one step behin you. I am unable to render the visualpage component into powerpoint. the powerpointpoint opens up but it is blank. can you please send me the code snippet for opening up the page in powerpoint?



sorry to beat a dead horse..but i want to place page breaks(slide breaks) so that content in the generated ppt does not come in a single slide. can anyone please provide help?



thanks in anticipation,






that's exactly what I've asked too. :) to provide a "slide-break"!! so that the entire content doesn't come in a single slide.


No answers yet!! 


Himanshunath - Did you ever get an answer to your question about your page being rendered as a blank slide?  I presume we only need to set the contentType attribute on the page tag to "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint".  I tried this and I only get a blank slide as well.  Did you do something additional to get the slide to render? 


thanx in advance.

I have used the tag as contentType="application/vnd.ms-powerpoint but it doesnt work. I am getting a blank slide. But this is achivable through javascript for few selected images I presume. If you are able to right click on an image and paste it in the PPT, then you should obviously be able to write a code to automate this.

hi all,

i am also having the same doubt. how to provide the slide break between the PowerPoint slides. if i give a long content, all those contents are appearing in the same page. what i have to do to avoid this and apply slide break???

please help me someone...





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Hi All,


I have used the tag as contentType="application/vnd.ms-powerpoint"but it doesnt work. I am getting a blank powerpoint slide.


Please Suggest.


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Hello ! Is there any suggestion or advise ? 


I have  MS Powerpoint 2003 and at and this PPT is opening up as expected.However it does not opening up correctly/its blank in MS Powerpoint 2010.


Please suggest.