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Visualforce email template question

What I would like to do is, on a scheduled basis (every 2-3 days?), send a batch of emails out that contain data from Lead records from within my Salesforce database (I have Enterprise edition).  


Each Lead record would have a custom field inside it containing the email address it should be sent to, and I would want some recipients would get data from multiple Leads in a single email (maybe up to 20 max, to one recipient, per day), so I don't have to clog up their inbox with 20 separate emails.  There would be a total of maybe 100-200 recipients per day, at most.  


Is this something I can do using Visualforce mail merge templates?  If not, is there another way I can do it?  Any other suggestions/warnings/considerations?


I would greatly appreciate any advice people can give me on this.