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Can't Use apex:repeat to build a selectList



Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm having a problem using the apex:repeat tag to build a selectList control on my page. Here is the code:


<apex:selectList size="1" value="{!myOrder.DeliveryMethod__c}" >
<apex:selectOption itemValue="" itemLabel="-- None --" />

<apex:repeat value="{!deliveryMethods}" var="item">

<apex:selectOption itemValue="{!item}" itemLabel="{!item}" />





I know by inserting debug code into my page that the deliveryMethods collection has the values I want. But, the resulting selectList contains only the option that I added explicitly. Why am I unable to build the selectList using a repeat? Seems like a bug to me.


I know someone out there is going to suggest that I use an apex:selectOptions component, bound to a List<SelectOption> in my controller. Unfortunately I can't do that because this code resides within an apex:component, and I cannot pass a SelectOption[] as an attribute to my component. 

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You will need to use selectOptions as you suggested. I'm not sure of your exact issue, but you can use a controller on the component and that controller could initialise a list<selectOption> using data passed as an attribute. You could then use a method of teh component controller to return this list.


Another option is passing the component an apex class, and have a method to return the selectoptions in there. I haven't tried doing this before but the documentation says you should be able to do it.