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SF3 without Account Creation?



I'm so glad this application exists.  


I see that if a contact on my Mac has a company name in it SF3 will create an Account in SF.  Is it possible to turn this off as I want to just create and sync contacts?


In the preferences Sync Accounts is greyed out so I assumed it was off as it can't be toggled.





If it did this, where would it store the account name on the contact ?


I see so it's needed then.  


So my contacts get synced to SF > new accounts are created and linked to my contacts > if someone is in the same role as me they can see my accounts > if they see my accounts they see my contacts.  So I need to be aware of that since a lot of personal contacts are in my address book.


Apprio Google SF Contact Sync doesn't create accounts so I don't have to worry about this but that App never works well for me.