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apex:detail: color-styles are not used and mouse-over for help text does not work



I'm using the Detail View in a page without rendered header. Everything works fine, except that the color for the horizontal bars are black (instead of using e.g. green when I allow the headers) and that I can see the (?) behind the labels of fields, but I don't get the helptext as a mouseove.


This is the code I use for the page:


<apex:page showHeader="false" standardStylesheets="true" tabStyle="Account">
<apex:detail id="detailView" subject="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}" relatedList="false" title="false"/>

I tried every combination of arguments for the page element, but I have no success to get the same look and feel of this detail view.


Any idea what I can do to 'enable' the hovers and maybe even the right color for the horizontal bars?


I tried this in different orgs on diefferent objects, and it's always the same :-/


Looking forward to some help



Ok, I found a workaround in this boardsfor standard objects, but not for custom objects.


If I specify 



<body class="AccountTab"> <apex:Detail ...> </body>




the correct styling is used.


However this does not solve the hover issue and it is no workaround for custom objects, as for them, the class is somehow generic. For custom objects the respective CSS class name looks like CustomXXTab, where XX is a number, e.g. Custom62Tab. 


Any idea how I can identify this number without hard coding it? (We like to deploy this page to several orgs, so a generic solution would be appreciated.)








I just played around with this for a while and got the same result as you.  I added a pageBlock in there and sure enough the pageBlock gets the proper color (because of the tabStyle page property) but the Detail does not.


I'm not sure if this is "expected" behavior or not... meaning that perhaps detail components are only intended for pages where the header is visible (?).  Otherwise, I'd say it may be a bug.