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on new vf page load - Too many SOQL queries : 101 error



I have following design in my vf page.


Salesforce tab => Tab Panels => Tab = > Panel Bar => Panel Bar items

I have used apex components inside the panel bar items.


When I want action on particular Tab/panel I do not want other getter setters to be invoked. because after some time it gives me  Too many SOQL queries : 101 error


When I am changing the request e.g. from url//<!--VF page-->?studentId=1 to url//<!--VF page-->?studentId=1 this error is coming.

So how should I avoid this. Or do I need to chnage whole design. I do not want getter setter from other panels to be invoked each time.

So what can be the solution. Is there a way to invoke only selected component in a panelbar on some event. 





You need to optimize your queries so you're returning Lists of objects and you're leveraging child and lookup relationships.


The eclipse IDE's Schema Explorer is really good at this.