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Getting Too many soql 101 exception.

Governor limit is per request  or session or context?

Getting Too many soql 101 exception. Once reached we are not able to use the same querystring parameter values any more even after relogin.



 We designed our application in a single page.We are using a "tabPanel" with three tabs and in each tab we have a PanelBar and in each panelbar we have around five "PanelBarItems". In each PanelBarItem we have one Apex:component associated with their own controller. Totally we have around 40 selectlist components on the page which gets populated when the page is loaded.


Problem: The scenario is the user searches for the Person by giving the name in the textbox the list of user along with other detais will be displayed in the datatable in a popup with hyperlink to select the particular Person. Once the particular Person is selected the page gets reloaded and the personId is appended to the URL and his related data is populated onto the main page. Now when we particular  rerender the outputpanel of the page the total soql queries in the page's getter methods are executed and hitting the SOQL limit.

  Once we relogin and give the same URL with the personId directly still it is showing Too many soql queries 101. We cannot perform any operation for that person even if we relogin?


   How to solve this issue? We are trying to minimise the queries as far as possible. But the queries for a particular URl is getting counted and once it reaches 100. we are not able to proceed further with that URL anymore even after relogin.


Any help would be appreciated