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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah 

Section header rendering Twice

I have a Visualforce page which displays Case details in a custom way. For rendering Case Comments, I cannot directly use Case Comments related list as it is not allowed by Salesforce. So I created a Custom Component which takes Case Id as parameter and generates the related list of Case Comments as it is rendered in a normal view. Everything works fine till now.


In the related list I have also added links like del, Make public/Private for the case comments. These are command links which have corresponding action functions in the custom component controller. These functions return page reference of null. When the page is rerendered after the call, I now see 2 section headers instead of 1. I have no idea why there should be 2 section headers coming up when there is a tag for only 1. btw both the section headers come one below the other.


Has anyone faced this problem before? Do let me kniow your ideas.