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Limit Visualforce Page with a standard controller to 1 record type



I am using the Dynamic Edit Page edit code found at



My question is how to I limit the "Opportunity Stage" pick list to one of my record types (which has less Options)


Currently it defaults to all of the options in the pick list I assume it’s a line of code that says record type = ###########


Thank you


Currently, VF doesn't support record types or dependant picklists.  The only work around today is to create a custom picklist field with your limited set of options.



Thank you for the reply,

Not what I had hoped for but thanks again :smileyhappy:


Use  API call of PickList with Record Type parameter and Layout Parameter.I havw done such work in one of my requiremnt related to Case Object Picklists.

For Ex:


 Example ==> layout param --- Id '00h30000001HTgy' of 'Dependent Picklist Layout'.

                record param --- Id '01230000000Dtd4' of 'Wireless Device Support' .




  <script type="text/javascript" src="/servlet/servlet.picklist?h=U7kd6arjKpNAgJ7Jx4sCN%2B8vlw78EOgpusMfJYkn%2Fls%3D&v=1212159574000&layout=00h30000001HTgy&l=1&record=01230000000Dtd4&pr=1.23&t=0" />    

  <script type="text/javascript" src="/static/102207/js/picklist.js" />