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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah 

Help: extending standard printable View using Visualforce

We have a Case application where there are many record types. What we have done is using s-control, we have created our own print functions which mimics the printable view function. Basically what we do is get the content of the print page, remove not required sections and display the core details for print with some custom style sheets applied. This is working fine for the existing recordtypes.


Recently we created a new record type, which requried details from a Child Object too. So we build a Visualforce view page for it showing the details in one go from both the Case and the child object. But when I use the print s-control for this, I only get the case details and not the child details. It is very important to show the child details in the print and I can't think of a to do it. 


Let me know if any of you have a solution for this.