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pop up using VF

i want to have a pop up on standard pagelaout which is using a VF . this VF shud only be rendered if and only if a certain field has a conditional value and also the VF pop up shud ultimately pupulate the data in the output page  . my idea is to override the save button . any help will be very much welcome


thanks to all those who are making teh VF learning for newbies like us a cake walk


Hello Soham,


Check out this tutorial on how ot make a Modal dialog popup using yahoo api's it's layout very well.





If you need some more help feel free to email me bbrantly@sabersolutions.com

but i am afraid of using the YUI libraray for my organisational purposes
Ron HessRon Hess
you can do the same type of think using Simple Modal library, which can be placed in your static resource.



can you explain bit more . in fcat i would like this pop up to come on its own after save . some sections of the code is not making sense :(( 

Ron HessRon Hess

popups are not the best tool for what you describe, they are not easy to make work and won't override buttons.


instead you should use validation rules or visualforce error messages to inform the user about data on the page when attempting to save.


are you trying to block a save?

or send the user somewhere after a save?