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Dynamic Form Building | Student Evaluation Application



I intend to build an application for student evaluation. Broadly, the app will offer the ability to:


1. define the number of pages in a test

2. number of questions on each page

3. each question can be any one of the predefined type (radio, checkbox, plain text, etc)


What can be the best approach to implement the desired functionality as after I've designed the test, I need to render the appropriate form components dynamically (radio, checkboxes, textboxes, etc) on the VF page depending on the questions selected for the test.


Please let me know if someone has done the similar thing before and if can provide the sample code or point me in the right direction so I can get started.


Am open to using VF native components, HTML controls, third party libraries like YUI/ExtJS/Flex.


Thanks in advance 

David VPDavid VP

You might want to check out Ron Hess' SurveyShark app on CodeShare :




That should give you an idea on how to get started.