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Visualforce pages in SelfService portal

Hi all,



I am being asked to create a customized SelfService portal using Visualforce page.


Visualforce page is not supported in SelfService portal according to this post:



Can anyone give me some ideas?


Thanks very much





As far as I am aware, Visualforce isn't supported in the Self-Service Portal at this time (or, I would suspect, ever, but as I'm not a PM in salesforce.com, who's to say?). The solution is to upgrade to the Customer Portal or Partner Portal, depending on your needs. Both of these portals support Visualforce, depending on your needs.


Another possible alternative would be to use Salesforce Sites, but I'm not familiar with limitations on this feature yet. Certainly it would be possible to implement a portal in Sites, but then you run the special risk of running out of bandwidth or other governor limits that don't seem to apply to the Self-Service Portal.


Final alternative would be to just write code that lives on a third-party server and have them access that; the code could then interface with Salesforce directly. API Rate limits apply, Enterprise Edition and higher only. In fact, if you're not using Enterprise Edition, I don't think any of the options above are even available.


Also remember, you can log in as a self-service user using the API; just set the SOAP header that specifies the organization's OID as the passport to log in as a Self-Service User from the API if you decide to write your own hosted solution.


If any of the above information is incorrect, someone please feel free to correct me.




I thought SelfServiceUser login is not available in API, am I wrong?




I figured out: the best solution is to use Customer Portal, which is supported in Force.com sites, supports custom objects, support Visualforce pages, but NOT free.