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Complete List of $Action functions?

I'm trying to find a complete list of functions for the $Action global merge field. This page in the VF reference alludes to some of them, but I'd really like to have a complete list.


For example, Jon Mountjoy pointed out the use of $Action.Document.Download in a blog post I wrote, which makes loading documents as images in a VF page simple. I'd like to find out if there are other easier ways to do things vs. hacking around.



If you have an Eclipse editor, with the force.com IDE, you could open Eclipse, open some visual force page (or create a new one), then right click in the code-windo, select Force.com -> Insert Merge Field (from the context menu) and you will receive a full (??) list of all objects and methods, including the $Action object.

Thanks Harm - good call. Although, it doesn't look like any $Action merges related to Documents are included in that list.