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sfCubed and Address Book initially syncing error '-1971-03-30'

I'm running OSX 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro and I'm trying to sync Address Book with Salesforce group edition using sfCubed Version 0.65 and when I enter my username, password, and special salesforce code it begins to sync Salesforce with Address Book, however, it fails at syncing Address Book with Salesforce saying:


"Error occured during sync process '-1971-03-30' is not a valid value for the type xsd:date"


Does anyone know what this error means? 


Sounds like you have a contact in your address book with a birthday set to -1971.


Good call, did a search for one contact under "1971" and it pulled up someone who had their DOB written in alpha numeric formula. Once I deleted it, it seemed to work.