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Syncing Duplications with SFcubed and Salesforce



I'm running SFcubed version 0.65 with Salesforce on a MacBook Pro syncing Address Book and Salesforce. I uploaded all my contacts to Salesforce using excel and then synced my contacts using SFcubed and now I have duplicate work, fax, home and fax numbers. So my question is:


(1) How do I get rid of the duplicate numbers? I have 2,000 contacts so manually deleting is a bit of a mess.

(2) I can roll back my Adress Book archive, but will this mess the sync up and just cause the same error?

(3) Is there anyway to prevent this duplication?

(4) If I manually delete the duplicates, will it delete them from Salesforce?


Thanks for any help!


Just went through and removed all the duplicates manually, but now I'm getting this error:


Error Occured During Sync Process:

"[ISDSqliteRecordIdMapper replaceLocalId:withLocalId:]: you can't change the local id 4F4610C4-94A5-44E8-92B5-76FC74B0F841 -> 0033000000wgLBmAAM-MobilePhone: both the new and old ids are already mapped to global ids"


How do I fix this?


(1,3) Are the duplicates formatted differently ? they should of been merged (unless you did a sync first, then the upload to salesforce).


(2) You can restore your address book backup and reset the sync history in SF3 to go back to the begining.


(4) Yes, you run the risk of deleting the field data in salesforce if you delete from the address book.


What version of OSX are you running ?


This is version 10.6.8. I have Lion, but I'm afraid to update to it cause I don't believe this app will work on it yet. Is that correct?


These were my steps if how I sync my contacts


1) I exported Address Book to a .csv file

2) Uploaded to Saleforce

3) Ran the SFcubed app

4) Merged all similar data in Address Book

5) Manually delted similar numbers (there was a slight formating difference wth the phone numbers. It seemed like some of the numbers had a "1" before the area code and so I deleted all of those numbers and re-sync SFcubed with Salesforce). Now I'm getting the error:


"[ISDSqliteRecordIdMapper replaceLocalId:withLocalId:]: you can't change the local id AA39E724-841C-4D1A-9C67-A6DB5BEAE88C -> 0033000000wgLBmAAM-MobilePhone: both the new and old ids are already mapped to global ids"


Any ideas of how to fix this?



Seemed re-setting the sync history in SFcubed got rid of the error. Bless this program. Thanks for creating it.


Does anyone know if this works on OSX Lion?


I've run it on lion and haven't seen any issues, i've seen one report that the sync isn't showing some records in address book, but i've been unable to reproduce that so far.


If you're using Maildrop & Apple Mail, there are issues with Mail's applescript support on Lion that affect Maildrop.