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SF3 Stopped Working



First post to boards, but I have an issue with SF3 which HAD been working great.  I just updated to Lion OSX 10.7.2 and iCloud settings.  Now my contacts no longer sync into my address book and my events on ical are gone.  No way to get Salesforce to sync to my phone/iPad/iMac....Any suggestions?


When you move to iCloud your calendar switches from being  a locally managed calendar to a remote caldav based calendar. the Sync Services framework that SF3 uses can not sync to the remote calender, only local ones. You can create a new local calendar to have SF3 sync to, but you can sync to that calendar and iCloud. I don't know of any good solutions for this. 


Hmmm, just switched as well. The software is was great, is there any chance it will work again anytime soon? And I hope Salesforce people are reading this, it should be fixed by them. If you have a Windows computer it will probably be a lot easier, but for the mac users, Salesforce doesn't deliver what they promise. Anybody else have brilliant ideas to get contacts from Salesforce to the iPhone addressbook?


Simon, I'm having major sync after upgrading to Lion 10.7.2 last night.  I'm not using iCloud.   SF3 now wants to delete all of my SalesForce events and contacts upon syncing.  In fact, it did, and then I recovered all my deleted records from SalesForce's Recycling Bin.


After that, I nuked my sync database and reset the SF3 sync history.  After one sync, all seemed well, but now again, SF3 wants to delete all my SF events and I have to cancel the sync.


What can I do to help debug this?



BTW, I'm not sure if this is related, but I've also been using Calendar Cleaner and Contact Cleaner before and after my Lion upgrade.



at a new company which means a new salesforce instance - running Lion and need a way to sync to ical - 


Error message -   LOGIN_MUST_USE_SECURITY_TOKEN  invalid username, password, security token


confirmed login and password - no details on security token...Not using iCloud


Please let me know what I am missing.


As the error message indicates, you need to use your api security token to login. see the online help on identity confirmation.


thank you Simon - I will try it now.