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Count Number of Open Cases on an Account

Hey Folks,


I could use some direction...


I have been asked to show in a field the current number of open cases for any account on the page layout and in reports and dashboards.


Is this a Visualforce solution, Apex, or combination? I tried with a formula field but I did not have access to the cross object related data.


Thanks for the help.






Use Roll up summary field on Account to count open cases .





Mr SlingMr Sling
Hi there - I searched for this exact same question (custom formula field to count number of cases on an Account) and saw your suggestion.  However, when I went to try this it looks like the only Roll-Up Value you can perform for Accounts is with "Opportunities".  (confirmed in "About Roll-Up Summary Fields" help article)
I'll see if I can stash this roll-up summary in another custom object then create a link back into a new Account lookup field... but I doubt that's possible.  Hopefully there's a simple formula that will do the trick.  Thanks!
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