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VF Button on Home Page Issue

I have a Visualforce page on the home page and I want the users to be able to click on a button to launch a "Create New Task" window.  Right now I can have them click on a link and ensure the new page is refreshed within the entire window using:


<a href="/{!task.Id}" target="_top">View Task</>


But if I was using a commandButton which returns a Page Reference, how can I ensure it is pointed towards the parent window and does not just refresh within the iframe on the home page?



Ron HessRon Hess

I think if you check you will see that the parent of the iframe is a seperate domain from your visualforce page, so you will not be able to update the home page.


you could create a new home tab for your users, one that was all visualforce.  This is a bit more work.