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Posting Apex page from Account pagelayout section

I have a custom controller extension for account.  I have two Visual force pages that use this controller. 

Page1  contains a button that post page.


 I have included page1 in the account page layout in newsection.


when I click the button on page1; Page2 is displayed in the same section.



My questions is, How can I redirect my custom visual force page2  to display a new page instead of inside Account page Section?


Note: when I test  my apex page1 and click on the button I get page2 eventhough URL is not changed.



When I test from account page layout 


My apex page2 display in section instead of new page.






Go to Setup | App Setup  | Account | Buttons and Links | New | Here is a section as Behaviour  -  here select     "Display in new Window"