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Issues with inputFile when used in the customer portal?


I have a VF page that uses inputFile to let the portal user upload files on a custom object.
My design works just fine in the native SFDC UI but for some reason when I login as a portal user I can't upload a file. I don't get an error message, and the page works because it's redirecting me to the next step in the process, without the upload working. Are there any known issues with the portal and using the inputFile tag?



<apex:outputPanel layout="block" >
<apex:inputFile value="{!Attachment.Body}" filename="{!Attachment.Name}" />
<apex:commandButton value="Attach" action="{!saveAttachment}" />


public PageReference saveAttachment(){ PageReference p; try{ this.sc.save(); p = returnToAttachmentPage(); }catch(DmlException e){ ApexPages.addMessages(e); p = null; } return p; }

 I don't see a message on the screen from the catch block, and my page is continuing the process because its following the 'returnToAttachmentPage()' method.