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Running the Email to Case Java agent on Mac OS X



I'm trying to run the Email to Case Java Agent on Mac OS X with little luck. 


I need to move from the On-Demand email to case to using the Java agent ASAP because the attachment limits and related bouncing are causing havoc with the forwarding from our gmail hosted corp email. 


As far as I can tell, i've configured the email2case.txt and the sfdcConfig.txt files correctly (according to this), but no matter what salesforce user (api enabled, with or without security token in the password), I get the error:


     com.sforce.exception.InvalidConfigurationException: Invalid or locked out salesforce.com user ID or password in configuration.
          at com.sforce.mail.GenericClient.login(GenericClient.java:345)
          at com.sforce.mail.GenericClient.getConnection(GenericClient.java:189)
          at com.sforce.mail.GenericClient.<init>(GenericClient.java:142)
          at com.sforce.mail.ImapClient.<init>(ImapClient.java:40)
          at com.sforce.mail.ImapSSLClient.<init>(ImapSSLClient.java:31)
          at com.sforce.mail.EmailService.loadService(EmailService.java:159)
          at com.sforce.SalesforceAgent.main(SalesforceAgent.java:138)


Any help or advice to get this thing up and running?