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Can't Edit Controllers in Eclipse Plugin if they reference Page.*

If I create a new Controller (using either Eclipse or the Visualforce UI), everything works fine... until I try to save the class using Eclipse after adding a Page.whatever reference.  At that point, I start getting:

Compilation error: Page does not exist: WizardPage1

I can work around this by using the new PageReference('/apex/WizardPage1') version, but it would be nice if I could use the "preferred" method in Eclipse.


VisualForce support for the Eclipse plugin is being worked on currently (I do not have a release date for this yet - the sfdc Eclipse plugin is on its own, independent release cycle).
I get the same problem using the Ant deployment method - the controller refuses to compile, so this:

return Page.aaTabs;

Gives this compilation error:

Ctl_aaPrefs.apex line 26 col 34: Page does not exist: aaTabs

Despite the existence of the named page.

Is there syntactic funk that needs to be added? (namespace or __c or something like that)?
No, no syntactic funk should be required. It seems there is potentially an issue with the underlying API that both the toolkit and the ant library are using to compile the controller class(es).

We will look into it.

Thanks for the posts!