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Back and Forward Button Functionality, How to Do it?

Ok, so I'm trying to design a wizard, and I want both back and forward button functionality.  Let's say there's a text field that's required.  If I use required='true', and I have commandButtons for Next and Previous, Next works just fine (won't go to next page unless the field is filled out.)  However, the same validation is run for the Previous button, which I can't find a way to disable.  If I set required='false', I suppose I could do the validation in the controller, but I can't find any documentation on how to add error messages to the page in a controller method (nor how to return to the submitting page.)

Any suggestions how to handle this?


We have something in progress (new immediate attribute on specific components) to solve the wizard/multipage transition with invalid intermediate values not blocking navigation.

Earliest access would be Winter '08.