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Required=false doesn't work for selectoneradio

Create a page called testpage1 with the follow:
<apex:page controller="testController">
<!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
This is your new Apex Page: testpage1
<!-- End Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
<apex:selectoneradio value="{!testVal}" layout="pageDirection" required="false">
<apex:selectitem itemvalue="test1" itemLabel="test Val 1"/>
<apex:commandbutton action="{!nextPage}" value="Next Page"/>
Define testController as:
public class testController {
public PageReference nextPage() {
return Page.testpage2;

String testVal;
public String getTestVal() {
return this.testVal;
public void setTestVal(String testVal) {
this.testVal = testVal;
You can't get to the second page unless you click on the radio button, in spite of the required="false". If you change it from a selectOneRadio to an inputText, you can get to the second page without a value.

I've opened a bug for my team on this and we are investigating. Please note that the earliest we'll be able to deploy a fix will be Winter '08 (and even that release train is getting clode to leaving the station).

Thank you sir,
   Do you have any insight as to the question I've asked several times about creating validation errors in an action?  Is it possible? Otherwise, it'll be a pain to do business logic validations, because I'll have to create my own error section on pages.