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changing the style of pages

Hello Board,


my name is David and i´m new to visualforce development. 


We´ve like to change the interface and appearance of our salesforce.com platform. I like to change the tabnav to the following:




(German Layout)


You see: no tab navigation at the top and some more rounded corners :)

Is this generally possible?


Can i do this via some static style resources by inserting them in the current pages or do i have to re-develop the pages instead?


Best regards and thanks for any hints!



This does sound a ambitious leap:smileyhappy:, well mister, in my knowledge you will have to redevelop each and every page coming in your org.


You can use,


<apex:composition> <apex:define> <apex:insert> tabs to set the uniformity of your page.


Also the top header is to be replaced as well, so you have to develop, everything from stratch..



Does anyone has any other solution???  :smileysurprised:


Hi Ravan,


thanks for your reply.


I ask the same question :-) Has anybody a better solution?