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Managed vs Unmanaged package?

I have few query regarding packages, plz clarify..


1) I have created a managed package and aslo installed it but wen im trying to reinstall it,it says to uninstall then install again. its fine but im facing the same thing,in case package is unmanaged.so wats the difference as per this contaxt.


2) I have inclued one VF page in managed package and installed it. when im going to setup->develop->pages. i can view my script there! I want to know if i use any apex class, it will be also viewed  as my VF page script or not??


if so, i think anyone can copy code and do destructive changes,right? so, isn't there any way dat one can use apps but cant view exact code?


3) unmanaged package 1:1 Distribution  means, the link can be used to install only once or what? 


Plz clarify with some  practicle facts.....





1. Managed Package VS Unmanaged Packaged

- If you are trying to install a package of the same version, regardless if it's packaged or not, it would require you to uninstall it before re-installing it again.


- However, if the user changed some contents in the installed unmanaged package. It would require more work on the user to uninstall the package.This does not apply to managed package since the user can't change any contents inside a managed package.



2. Apex Code and Visualforce inside packages

- Visualforce code is always displayed.


- Apex Code: managed package = hidden, unmanaged package = displayed


- Unless you are planning to release unmanaged package, people can't change any of your code. Once you release a managed package, no one can modify it.


3. The link is valid for unlimited install.

- 1:1 Distribution means what you placed inside a package is exactly the same what the user see/get. You can't release update to the package for bug fixes and patches, which you can do in managed package.


More Information can be found on: Quick Reference for Developing Packages


Hope the information helps.