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trying to return the url/instance (and map it from c.cso.visual.force to tapp0.salesforce)

I had created a controller extension code that works fine in sandbox, but when I am running test against the controller code, it would fail with the generic error message:

System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object


Specifically, I needed a way to simulate what the detailed link of an object is but since we can't select that from visualforce page, I was trying to use the following code:



PageReference FSLpage = new PageReference('/'+FSL.id);     // this returns the id of the custom object entry.

string hostname = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getHeaders().get('Host');  // this would return c.cs0.visual.force


host = host.replace('c.cs0.visual.force','tapp0.salesforce');


FSL_Link = 'https://"+host+FSLpage.getURL();



and this would return the appropriate value when the visualforce page is invoked so that instead of

something like:


 it would return



However when running unit testing on this controller extension, it would fail - even though it looks like it runs fine.  So how can i fix this so that I can actually deploy this to our production or make sure the test doesn't fail?