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problem with action support and required fields

Hey all,


I'm having an issue with apex action support and required fields.


I've got two feilds:


Secondary_phone_number__c, and Secondary_phone_number_type__c.


Secondary_phone_number_type__c isrequired when Secondary_phone_number__c is not null.


So I made a little action region base don this tutorial -


- but it only partially works.


If I enter a value in Secondary_phone_number__c, then Secondary_phone_number_type__c is rendered AND required, which is correct. But if I change my mind, and delete the value in Secondary_phone_number__c, it re-renders, but still requires Secondary_phone_number_type__c even though it should not...


Here is my applicable code, can anyone help out?



<apex:actionRegion > <apex:panelGrid columns="3" id="thePanelGrid"> <apex:outputPanel> <apex:inputField value="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c}" id="theInputField"> <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="thePanelGrid" status="status"/> </apex:inputField> </apex:outputPanel> <apex:inputField value="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number_type__c}" required="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c != null}" rendered="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c != null}" id="secPhoneType"> <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="thePanelGrid"/> </apex:inputField> </apex:panelGrid> <apex:actionStatus startText="applying value..." id="status"/> </apex:actionRegion>






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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah
The syntax is correct. Try to split the two fields in to 2 separate action regions. That should work.

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I've never seen that syntax inside the curly braces. Try


"{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c }!= null"


- Erica



Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah
The syntax is correct. Try to split the two fields in to 2 separate action regions. That should work.
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Yes! That would have worked too. What I did was just move it out of the action region alltogether, and it's working well.


Here is my final code:



<apex:pageBlockSectionItem > <apex:outputLabel value="Secondary phone" /> <apex:panelGrid columns="2" styleClass="panelGridAlignCorrect"> <apex:actionRegion > <apex:outputPanel id="theOutputPanel" > <!-- Moved this margin so it would align properly... stupid panel grids!! --> <apex:panelGrid columns="2" style="margin-right:-7px;margin-top:-3px;"> <apex:inputField value="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c}"> <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="theOutputPanel, secPhoneTypeGroup, test" status="status"/> </apex:inputField> <apex:actionStatus startText="applying value..." id="status"/> </apex:panelGrid> </apex:outputPanel> </apex:actionRegion> <apex:panelGroup id="secPhoneTypeGroup"> <apex:inputField value="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number_type__c}" required="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c != ''}" rendered="{!Member__c.Secondary_phone_number__c != ''}"/> </apex:panelGroup> </apex:panelGrid> </apex:pageBlockSectionItem>