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ContentType="application/xml" Error throwing

An error is being thrown when page throws a FileSave dialog.

I've created a VF page using this markup:

The error shown on file save dialog is this:
"unable to download from na6.visual.force.com"

Please Note that the File is downloaded fine in Firefox, it throws error in IE only. Can anyone tell me why so it is happening in IE only?
This a "ContentType" related issue with IE. I'd suggest that you create a standalone XML file with content type set and try to open the same in IE and resolve it there first.
I've already done that check. The VF page is opening XML in IE pretty much fine as a normal XML file if I use contentType="text/xml". With this contenttype I can save the File in PC but I've to manually go to File menu and click Save As and save it on PC, I want it to throw a File Save dialog on open automatically, so that it can be saved directly, for that i used "application/xml" ContentType value.

Has this issue been resolved? I have a similar issue.