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Static resources - not loading

Is anyone having problems using static resources with non-Firefox browsers, specifically IE7 and Safari? I'm finding that 9 times out of 10, URLs in a static resource refuse to load in these browsers. It results in missing stylesheets and images in my VF page.

Static resources are very convenient, but if they are not supported across browsers I'll have to go back to using Documents.


I haven't heard of anyone else having problems with them with other browsers.   Should work with any browser.... there is absolutely nothing browser specific. 

Can you provide more details of how you are using them?  e.g., are you using collections of resources in a zip file, or individual resources?  Perhaps there is something in the naming that is causing a problem?

Also, do you get an error, or does it just quietly not load? 




You may have run into a bug with static resources that caused very slow loading under certain circumstances (slow enough that some browsers may give up).  
If so, it should be fixed in the Spring 08 upgrade that is currently being rolled out.
I think I figured it out. The user's profile needs to have "Administrative Permissions > View Setup and Configuration" enabled, otherwise static resources cannot be loaded. When inspected in Firebug, the static resource URL is valid but the content is empty. I'd rather not give the user's profile this permission, but it works for now.

I'm using zip files as my static resources, so I'm loading files from within the zip using a directory/path reference for the name.

BTW I've also seen the browser timeout problem, but not lately.

You're quite right!  It seems to only work with view setup and configuration option set, when using IE/7.   Works fine without this permission when using IE/6.    Very strange. 
I'll enter a bug report and see it gets fixed. 

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Looks like this may already be fixed in spring 08... at least I can't reproduce it there.   After your organization is upgraded, please let me know if you still see this problem.



Hello Guys,

I am facing simiilar problem,

I have a manages package (avaya cti ) installed with few "PRIVATE" static resources in it. So most of the users are not able to access the application properly.
But interesting thing is users with 'View setup and configuration' permission are able access application correctly. As per my knowledge this permission give view access to setup & configurations ....and nothing else. Is my understanding wrong?
Is it expected behavior?