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Bookmark a Visualforce Page in Customer Portal

I created and deployed a Visualforce page in my customer portal. It works fine as per the functionality.
But when i bookmar that visual force page i.e. https://tapp0.salesforce.com/apex/registerwizardpage , close my browser and come back to this page, it takes me to the salesforce login page, where my customer portal username password woudl not work.
Is there any way if i bookmark a customer portal page and come back to that page, later on it takes me to the customer portal login page rather than taking me to the salesforce login page.
Bookmarking is not supported in the customer portal as the login issue is across the board.  This is on the customer portal team's roadmap but you can always create an idea for this in the Service and Support category on ideas.salesforce.com.

Hmmm, so developers who go through a considerable amount of effort to keep salesforce's identity transparent in their customer portal will only find that to be impossible to achieve because any instance where a user attempts to bookmark or refer someone else to a customer portal page, they will be met with the main salesforce login page?  Thats very unfortunate. 

If customer portal users cannot login to the portal through salesforce, why would the portal login have anything to do with sending users to the main salesforce login page?  Hey GreatG, if you post this as an idea, please link it in this thread so others like myself can promote it =)
You can promote the idea at: