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Problem with picklist on Vf in IE 6


I have a visualforce page that uses a <apex:inputfield> tag to generate a standard picklist, I have written a inner class on the page to fetch the object along with some extra params i need for the page.


However the Picklist behaves strangly in IE 6. Whenever I am selecting a value, from the dropdown a value is automatically selected by the picklist. However when the mouse is moved out, the value is not retained.


This seems like a GUI problem and is only seen with IE 6, I tried with IE 7, IE 8 and Firefox 3+ I had no issues of the sort.


Does anyone has any answer for why it is behaving this way? Even if there is no solution, I wanted to know what exactly is causing this.


Thanks for the help,

Siddhesh Kabe


I would recommend submitting a ticket to Support for investigation. Most organizations do not use IE 6 anymore, so it's not very easy for most of us to test it. Furthermore, unless there's a specific IT policy reason for using IE 6, I would recommend that you simply suggest that your users/clients upgrade to at least IE 7, since 6 is no longer supported/patched/etc by Microsoft, and is considered largely insecure compared to later versions.