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Convert Lead to Contact issue

I am having an issue while converting lead to contact.


Requirement : If theres an existing contact for a lead (it gives us the option while doing a convert) , then I want to add a number field on lead onto an already existing number field on contact


My approach: I have a trigger which is fired on a lead update where I check whether the lead has been converted or not . If its converted then I query the contacts for the record with the id lead.ConvertedContactId


I was hoping I can get that contact record and add the value on that particular field.

e.g con.field += lead.field. and then update the contact.


My issue is that the contact record that queried for shows that the field value is null even though the contact record shows a field value (some number) in salesforce before merging the lead.


I tried my best to explain this. It would be great if someone can guide me here.




What about a workflow update?  I'm not sure if you can get the current value of the desired Sum field, but might work.


If not, please post your code.