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custom controller with native user interface

Is there any way where we can extend the controller on a page but not  use visual force to create the page. The issue is that I want to preserve all the user interface which is generated declaratively by Salesforce but I would like to extend the controller behaviour. To achieve this do I always have to create a visual force page.




Controllers back visualforce pages I'm afraid.   There may well be a way to add the behaviour that you desire to Salesforce, though.  Could you give us some details about what you are trying to do?


I wanted to pre-populate certain custom fields and have them display in the UI. For instance I wanted to display a total  on header region for which I want to do some calculation on the child table. It is not a simple calculation but involves iterating through the child rows and doing some complex logic which didnt seem possible (based on reading about the features on summary fields).

Another use case is if I have a custom field which is expected to show a picklist of values that is determined at run time (the list of values for the picklist comes from a table for instance). Just to implement this custom field I wouldnt want to build the entire page using visual force.

A third use case - suppose I want to render the UI based on a custom object the values of which are populated from various sources at run time. That way I could build the native UI on top of the custom object and then in the controller populate the values for the custom object.

Is there a way to achieve the above three use cases by without using visual force.




For the first requirement, You can create a hidden formula feild where you can perform the calculation of the child rows(If formula does not satisfy, then you can go for apex class to perform the logic). Then through the URL rewriting you can pass the custom feilds value.


The second scenario can be acheived using URL re-writing.


I am not clear with the third requriement.





Thanks for your response. Can you point me to any documentation on URL rewriting.


Sureka, thanks for your response.  Can you point me to some documention on URL rewriting. Are you suggesting that with URL rewriting, any field can be wired to get data from am apex class.