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Accessing page:attribute from controller

Lets say I have 



<apex:component controller="myController"> <apex:attribute name="foo" type="String" /> //REST OF CODE HERE (IRRELEVENT)</apex:component


In the controller "myController", how do I retrieve the value of the page attribute "foo"?


This is a difficult topic to goole for, because a bunch of hits about different tag attributes come up. 






Use the assignTo property of the attribute tag in order to access the parameter in your controller. Be sure you have a setX and getX property that is visible to the page ( variable { get; set; } or getVariable() and setVariable()).



Clarification: You'll need to use the usual merge syntax, for example <apex:attribute name="foo" type="string" assignTo="{!bar}" />. In the controller, include the functions String getBar() and void setBar(String val).

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