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How to bulk save using custom UI page.

Hi all,


I have created a custom UI page having customer,product and  months jan to dec as column.user select customer,product and enter forcast qty monthwise.say


Customer    Product    Jan    Feb   Mar   Apr ........................ Dec

 abc               xyz        100   90                                            20

 abc               pqr         30              20

 mno              xyz                                40


 i want after making entries ,he press Save button an all data should saved in table having column customer,product,month,forecastqty at one time.


All is i want user interface where user enter customer,product and montly forecastqty and save at one time.Basically i want to know how to bulk save using values from my above designed UI.


 i have created UI using datatable and simply adding columns to that datatable,all my product and customer is comming from customer and product table.Do we have any pre-designed component for such type of requirement?