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Multi Select Picklist look and feel


I have created a custom multi select picklist in VF using apex:selectlist & apex:selectOptions but I want the look and feel of the picklist as that provided by salesforce(the left pane with available values & right pane with selected values).

How can I achieve it?


Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I managed to get something similar to the standard multi-select picklist by using two side by side selectlists, representing available and chosen, with buttons to move items between the two.  It requires some code, but wasn't too arduous.

Thanks Bob,

 I too created my custom multi picklist!! :smileyhappy:


The problem which I'm facing is my multi Select picklist is that its a dependant thing & also the Javascript required to change the selected & unselected values is creating a problem in IE6.

  Can you please post your code for reference


I'm afraid that I can't post the code, as that was written for a customer.


I can tell you that I gave up on the Javascript route, as I was encountering many problems with compatibility.  Everything happens in the controller and the selectlists are rerendered based on the user actions.


I also needed to have multiples of these on a single page, so a custom component that was pure VF and Apex was about the only solution that would work for me.

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