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Troubleshoot Insufficie​nt privileges errors?

We have a weird page that is acting up on us. It works properly for admins but for a specific profile its just acting up. All page and extension class security is allowed for this profile, also object and FLS security are set properly. The weird part is that one day it works, another it does not without anything being changed and we are clueless as to why it happens since the apex logs are all success, the apex code all runs properly but before the page is rendered to us something happens in VF ewngine and we get a securty block.


I understand that its not a good thing to give an offending user too much information pertaining to security (tells them what to hack if they are malicious) but an admin needs to be able to troubleshoot these situations and see where and why security block was activated. Is there such a facility on SF? We really need to find out why this page trips apparently randomly, its annoying the operators and by extension its annoying us through support requests.


when you say it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, do you mean on the same object, or does it work for some and not for others? 


In any case, sounds like maybe you should enter a support case on this... support might be able to find out more about what is going on.