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StandardLabel.Page_Package.salesforceApi Not Found

Anyone else getting this error when they attempt to save pages / Apex classes? Any idea what it means?


Doesn't happen every time.


Actually, that's $StandardLabel.Page_Package.salesforceApi


No idea.  I'm getting the "Field $StandardLabel.Page_Package.salesforceApi does not exist. Check spelling." error also and have been for the past month or so only on 1 class.  But today I've started getting the error on another class that I've been updating endlessly for more than 2 years.  Very frustrating not to be able to find any information on what the error means or how to fix it.  I open up eclipse to get around the problem but should not have to.


Have you had any luck working it out?


Nope. It never prevented me from saving something though since it only happened periodically and not every time I attempted to save.


For anyone who has the issue, it seems to be caused by the page failing to load correctly in the browser.  You can work through the problem by performing the following steps:

  • Open the class for editing
  • Click on the Version Settings tab --  If the details are missing on this tab refresh the page in your browser.  Repeat until values appear
  • Make any code changes, and the class will then save without error.