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I have a small scenario hope anyone can help me in this issue.


My company has a public website and the guest users contact the company by entering the web2lead form.


once they are converted into leads their information is with the company.


Let us think "ABC" is a lead and now ABC wants to change his information like his email address.how can he change that directly.since he is not a salesforce user he cannot access the lead object he can just read the data.how can he modify the data.


I don't think you can do this with Leads, If they were a contact, you could use the customer portal for the user to be able to maintain their own profile but with a lead there is nothing I'm aware of out the box.


thanks for ur quick response scoobie. But my condition is like if i am a lead and i want to change the information.there should be some work around i hope.


Krishnag - partner portal is the best way to go here as the terms of service of Sites don't allow editing of standard objects.


The portal is designed for cases like this where you have customers or prospects that need to update their info.