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Looking for more information on the "wizard" attribute of apex:page

I'm wondering what all setting the "wizard" attribute of apex:page to true will do for me? The only thing that the visualforce reference mentions is that this is "A Boolean value that specifies whether the page should use the style Boolean of a standard Salesforce wizard page. If true, wizard styling is used. If not specified, this value defaults to false." The wizard example in the VF reference doesn't use this style, so it's not much help. Searching the boards finds 700+ hits, but none that I've read so far address this attribute.


Clearly it changes the style of the page. I can use standard styling of elements, but the header has no links or tabs that could take someone out of the wizard.


It also creates a blue bar, about a centimeter high with rounded corners that spans most of the width of the page - it seems like I might be able to put things (navigation buttons?) in it.


Does anyone have experience or information to share on this attribute? Is it just visual, or are there some other features of the wizard look that we can modify?